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1968 Cutlass: Add 1960s Elegance to Your East Coast Film and TV Productions

1968 Cutlass

Elegant Classic Cars for 60s-Themed Productions on the East Coast, serving New England and the surrounding states

The 1968 Cutlass offers a blend of sophistication and vintage charm that can elevate any setting, making it perfect for films, commercials, or TV shows looking to replicate the elegance of the 1960s. Its classic silhouette and plush interior are ideal for portraying upscale life in a bygone era, akin to scenes from “American Graffiti”. We are located in Rhode Island and have provided rentals for the surrounding states such as: Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Maine!

This car not only enhances the visual aesthetic of your production but also serves as a functional prop for scenes requiring a touch of class and style. Whether it’s cruising down a boulevard in a period piece or serving as a key element in a dramatic sequence, the Cutlass adds a layer of authenticity and refinement.

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