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1979-1993 Mustang Foxbody: Capture High-Speed Action for TV and Film on the East Coast

Mustang Foxbody

Dynamic Film Sequences with New England Classic Car Rentals

Capture the essence of street racing or a high-stakes chase scene with the 1979-1993 Mustang Foxbody. Known for its raw power and sporty aesthetics, this car is a staple in action-packed scenes and can be a fantastic addition to any production focusing on speed and adrenaline. We are located in Rhode Island and have provided rentals for the surrounding states such as: Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Maine!

The Mustang Foxbody, often seen in films like “Need for Speed”, offers not only a look of aggressive performance but also provides a canvas for character development—be it a hero’s reliable ride or a villain’s escape vehicle. With its powerful engine and sharp lines, it promises to add a dynamic element to your production, perfect for scenes that require a mix of action and style.

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