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Make Your Special Day Unforgettable with Classic Car Rentals from Spring Green Auto Body


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Your wedding or special event deserves to be memorable, and what better way to enhance its uniqueness than arriving in a stunning classic car? At Spring Green Auto Body, we offer a diverse fleet of meticulously maintained vintage vehicles, each with its own story and charm, perfect for adding that extra touch of elegance and style to your celebration on the east coast or Rhode Island area. Here’s a glimpse at what each of our classic cars can bring to your special day:

  1. 1960s Ford Trucks – Perfect for rustic weddings, this classic truck adds a touch of nostalgia and charm, ideal for countryside or barn settings.
  2. El Camino – For a cool, unconventional couple, the El Camino blends muscle car vibes with the utility of a truck, making a bold statement.
  3. 1999 Jeep Wrangler – Ideal for adventurous couples, this rugged and versatile vehicle is great for beach or mountain wedding escapes.
  4. 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee – Offers a classic yet robust feel, perfect for outdoor weddings where a touch of adventure is part of the theme.
  5. 1989 Plymouth Horizon – This compact and quirky car is fantastic for couples looking for a fun, retro vibe at their wedding.
  6. 1979-1993 Mustang Foxbody – Brings a sporty, high-energy feel, great for high-octane weddings where style races to the forefront.
  7. 1981 Chevy Camaro Z28 – With its iconic design and powerful presence, it’s the go-to for couples wanting to make a glamorous, high-impact entrance.
  8. 1968 Cutlass – Elegant and refined, the Cutlass is perfect for traditional weddings where sophistication is key.
  9. 1963 Buick Lesabre – Its luxurious and spacious interior is ideal for couples who appreciate the elegance of classic automotive design.
  10. 1999 Corvette Convertible – Nothing says celebration like a convertible Corvette, offering exhilarating rides and fantastic photo opportunities.
  11. 1948 Packard – This vintage luxury car speaks of old-world charm and grandeur, suited for lavish weddings where every detail is curated for elegance.
  12. Screen Used “The Godfather” Cadillac Fleetwood – For film enthusiasts, this vehicle not only adds a touch of cinematic history but also an air of mystery and prestige.
  13. 1981 DMC Delorean – Perfect for 80s-themed events or for fans of the iconic ‘Back to the Future’ series, making your event fun and unique.
  14. 1966 Mustang Convertible – Offers a blend of classic American muscle and the romantic allure of open-top driving, ideal for spring or summer weddings.
  15. Smokey and the Bandit Trans Am – This car is for those who want a dose of nostalgia mixed with rebellious spirit, perfect for making a grand and memorable entrance.
  16. 1974 Corvette Stingray – With its sleek lines and powerful engine, it’s the ultimate in style and performance, sure to turn heads at any event.

Whether you’re planning a quaint countryside wedding, a luxurious celebration, or a unique themed event, our selection of classic cars at Spring Green Auto Body can provide the perfect complement. Each vehicle not only adds a distinctive touch to your event but also offers exceptional photo opportunities that help capture the magic of your special day.

Visit our website or contact us to explore how these classic beauties can be part of your next big event. Let’s drive your celebration to the next level with elegance, style, and a bit of vintage charm!